Technical specifications


CPU:AMD Tbred XP1800+
RAM:1x512 Mb DDR266/PC2100

IO system:VIA builtin UDMA133 capable IDE controller
ST Labs CMD/SIL680 based 2 channel IDE RAID controller
Iwill 2930U SCSI controller
Storage:2x Seagate Barracuda IV, 80GB
Yamaha CRW2100S
NEC ND1300A DVD-Writer

Graphics:Sapphire Radeon 9000, 64Mb RAM
Console:102 key keyboard with DK keymap
3 button wheel mouse
20" SGI GDM20E21

Sound:Onboard AD1980
Network:Onboard 3Com 3c940, 10/100/1000mbit
Case:AOpen HX08 with a 300w Enermax EP301AX-VEG PSU

OS (current):Linux - Fedora Core 2



This is my main workstation.

It was built recently and uses an Asus A7V600 motherboard.
Most of the hardware is supported by recent 2.4 kernels but the AGP port is unsupported. This means no DRI support for X.
For 3D acceleration a 2.6.x kernel is necessary.
Builtin sound is supported in Alsa 0.9.8.
For the 3Com NIC you need either kernel 2.4.23 or an updated sk98lin driver.
Note that the driver offered by 3Com is an older hacked-up version of the sk98lin driver.

In spring 2004 I acquired a DVD writer. I chose the NEC ND1300A since it was cheap and reported to work well with Linux. Additionally I got a CMD680 based Silicon Image controller since I'd need an extra IDE channel and this controller was reported to work well with Linux. Reports where correct and both items work great with Linux. I can burn DVD's using dvd+rw-tools.

I upgraded from Fedora Core 1 to Fedora Core 2 when it came out and all hardware is now working well out of the box.

Also earlier this year I had a near fatal hardware loss when one of the Barracudas decided to crap out on me. I managed to not loose any important data and had the disk replaced directly from Seagate. After getting the extra IDE controller I'm now running the two Barracudas in a Linux software mirror. This should prevent data loss in the case of hardware failure but is ofcourse no match for the destructive skills of a fumblefingered user (that would be me :))


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