Technical specifications



CPU:Athlon XP2400+
RAM:256 Mb Samsung PC2700
512Mb Kingston PC2700

IO system:2 IDE channel
Symbios S8701S SCSI controller
Storage:120gb IBM GXP120
20gb IBM GXP34
JLMS 166S 16x DVD-ROM drive

Graphics:Palit Daytona Ti4200 128MB
Console:102-key DK keyboard
3 button logitech wheelmouse
20" Sony GDM20E21 monitor, SGI Granite finish

Sound:Builtin CS8738 audio, mic in, line in, line out

Network:Intel EtherExpress Pro/100B

Case:Koolance Water-cooled minitower

OS (current):Windows 98SE

Wanted:ATI X800 based GFX card


I have the machine hooked up to my KVM switch.

Motherboard is the Asus A7V333.

I decided to try watercooling but since I'm not that good with a dremel I wanted a pre-built cabinet.
The choice was easy as Koolance cabinets are readily available and they've gotten really good reviews.
I chose the smallest model and bought a GPU coolerhead to go with it. I'm quite satisfied with this setup, though I suspect cooling performance could be better if I had used something like Arctic Silver between the CPU and heatsink.

Currently the CPU will get to about 61C when running full-out, this is with an ambient temperature around 25-27C.

Turns out the above CPU temp reading was bogus since Asusprobe apparently calculated it wrong. After upgrading Asusprobe to 2.18.1 I get a much more reasonable temperature of about 50C at full load.

Replaced the CPU with a Tbred XP2400+ instead. This is the fastest CPU that the A7V333 rev 1.0x can use.

I decided to replace the Liteon 52x speed CD drive with a JLMS-166S 16x DVD-ROM driver after aquiring a DVD Writer.

Lately I've begun playing FarCry and 256Mb RAM was not enough so I went out and got a 512Mb Kingston DIMM for a total of 768Mb RAM. FarCry now runs *much* better. Next stop is a new GFX card I think. The Ti4200 is falling behind but I guess that's to be expected since it's actually 2 years old.


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