Technical specifications

Hostname: joxer

Model: Personal Workstation 433a

CPU: Alpha 21164A, 433Mhz
RAM: 256 Mb (2x128 Mb)

IO system: 2 IDE channel
Asus SC875 Single channel UltraWide SCSI Controller
Storage: 4.3gb UW SCSI, Quantum Atlas II (offline)
2x9gb UW SCSI, IBM 18LZX (10krpm)
Toshiba XM5702B CDrom drive

Graphics: Sapphire Radeon 7000 PCI with 64Mb RAM
Console: 102-key DK keyboard
3 button logitech wheelmouse
20" Sony GDM20E21 monitor, SGI Granite finish

Sound: Builtin ES1888 audio, mic in, line out and midi connector

Network: Digital 21143, 10/100mbit, RJ45 connector

Case: Digital grey minitower enclosure

OS (current): AlphaCore
Fedora Core devel

OS options
Digital Unix/Tru64
Windows NT 4.0
Wanted: 600Mhz CPU
2x128 or 2x256 MB RAM
Digital Unix/Tru64
OpenVMS for Alpha


I have the machine hooked up to my KVM switch.

I just took the machine apart to clean it and lo and behold it already has a 2MB cache module :)

I've ditched the DAC960P-2 controller that the machine came with as the performance was abysmal with FreeBSD.
FreeBSD was the only OS I had that was willing to use this controller with it's currently ancient v2.21 firmware.
Instead I've used an Asus SC875 based on a Symbios 53c875 chip. This controller is bootable by the SRM console

I've also taken out the Powerstorm 4D40T GFX board that was installed as only Digital Unix has an X server that will run on it. Instead I've used an old Diamond Stealth 64 from a PC. This card is based on the S3 Vision968 chip and has 2Mb VRAM. It works well with the SRM console once I put it in a 64bit PCI slot and is being recognized as some Digital gfx card.

I've added 256 MB RAM. I used 2x128 MB generic Kingston ValueRAM, part. no. KVR100X72C2/128. It's PC100 SDRAM, ECC and CL2.

I exchanged the 4gb Atlas II for 2xIBM 18LZX (9gb, 10krpm), they're about as noisy as the Atlas II but quite a bit faster :)

The 2x32Mb that came with the machine seems to have kicked the bucket so currently I'm down to 256Mb RAM :(

I've exchanged the old Diamond Stealth 64 gfx card for a Sapphire Radeon 7000 PCI with 64Mb RAM.
The SRM didn't have any problems running the BIOS and it works great with XFree-4.3.0-42 from Redhat.
I highly recommend this card for Miata users who run Linux and need decent gfx.


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