Technical specifications

Hostname: rommie

Model: C160

CPU: PA-8000, 160Mhz
RAM: 512 Mb (4x128 Mb)

IO system: 1 SE SCSI channel
1 FastWide HVD SCSI channel
Storage: 4.3gb FW SCSI, Seagate Hawk 2LP (ST32430W)
4.3gb FW SCSI, Seagate Barracuda 4XL (ST34572WD)
Toshiba XM5401-TA CDrom drive

Graphics: Visualize-EG (builtin)
Console: 102-key DK keyboard
3 button logitech wheelmouse
20" Sony GDM20E21 monitor, SGI Granite finish

Sound: Builtin audio (Harmony)

Network: Builtin 10mbit, RJ45 and AUI connectors

Case: Grey desktop enclosure

OS (current): HP-UX 11i (11.11)
OS options: Linux

Wanted: HP-UX supported UW SE SCSI controller
HP-UX supported 10/100 NIC


I have the machine hooked up to my KVM switch.

There is a floor stand available which I don't have :(
Fortunately the enclosure is wide enough that's it not really necessary :)

The FastWide scsi channel is High Voltage Differential which sucks since disks are rare and old.
HVD is a dead technology for disks :(

A lot of information about PA-RISC based machines are available at


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