Technical specifications


Model:Thinkpad 365x (Type 2625-3X9)

CPU:Pentium 120
RAM:24Mb (8Mb builtin + 16Mb SO-DIMM expansion)

IO system:Single IDE channel
Storage:810MB IBM
Builtin 1.44Mb Floppy drive

Graphics:Trident Cyber9320, 1MB RAM
Console:84-key DK keyboard
2 button trackpoint
10.4" TFT LCD panel, 800x600 resolution

Sound:ESS688 audio, mic in, line out, speaker out

Network:10mbit, 3com 3c589-B PCMCIA card


OS (current):Redhat Linux

Wanted: CDROM drive
A new battery
A new TFT panel
A bigger disk
More RAM


The TFT panel is going bad. On the left side of the display there's rainbow colored garbage, about 30 pixels wide.

The battery is almost dead, it'll last about 2 minutes. What's worse is that the dead battery is keeping me from being able to upgrade the BIOS (it requires a fully charged battery to do this).

I've heard that if you use the correct SO-DIMM you can upgrade this machine to 72Mb RAM, ofcourse the top 8Mb will be uncached as the 430MX chipset on the mainboard only caches the first 64Mb. Personally I'd be happy with a 32Mb SO-DIMM for 40Mb of RAM.

Things are getting a bit cramped with only 810Mb diskspace. This machine will take disks upto 6.4gb with the latest BIOS. Being an older laptop it can also handle 17.5mm high 2.5" disks (infact the installed 810mb is that height).


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