Technical specifications



CPU:MIPS R3000, 33Mhz (IP12)
RAM:64 Mb

IO system:Single SCSI channel
Storage:IBM DCAS32160, 2GB, 1" profile.

Console:101 Key beige keyboard with US keymap.
3 button beige mouse
Samsung Syncmaster SL900+

Sound:48 kHz analog input/output.

Network:10mbit, AUI connector

Case:Indigo blue 'tower' enclosure

OS (current):Irix 5.3xfs

Wanted:32Mb RAM kit to get the max 96Mb


I'm completely in love with this machine and compared to the 4D/30 it absolutely rocks.

The main hangup right now is that I have no monitor for it. I used the one from the Indy for a little while but then it was just missing from the Indy instead... Right now I plan to get a 13W3-HD15 cable and take advantage of the dual-inputs on GDM20E21 hanging off the Octane.

I had to use the keyboard and mouse from the 4D/30 since the Indigo came without and they use a proprietary protocol.

The Indigo now shares the GDM20E21 with the Octane.

I've got a new disk in the Indigo, a 2gig IBM DCAS32160 that I took from the Octane :)

The Indigo now has it's own 19" Samsung monitor since I've switched the GDM20E21 to my PC KVM switchbox.

The GFX is somehow damaged, there are these red/purple lines in the 4DWM "running programs" icons at the top of the screen. Also if I start netscape the netscape window will have these red vertical lines aswell. The background doesn't have them and they only show up after X starts (they're in the login window aswell). A fresh install of Irix 5.3 on a different disk didn't change a thing so probably it is a hardware problem.

The clock battery died which rendered the machine unable to boot. The hardest part of replacing the battery is probably locating a similar battery.
The original battery is a Tadiran TL5186. If you can't get one of those the Sonneschein SL-340 is an exact match and might me more readily available.
If you're in Denmark the Tadiran/Sonneschein is available online from Elkuglen.
The battery was soldered on the CPU board so I had to use my less than stellar soldering skills to replace it :)
Fortunately everything went well and the machine is up and running again.


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