Technical specifications


Model:Indigo2 IMPACT

CPU:MIPS R10000, 195Mhz (IP28)
RAM:640 Mb

IO system:Dual SCSI channels
Storage:Seagate 36ES2, 18.2 Gb

Graphics:High Impact + Indigo2Video-For-Impact (MGV1)
Console:101 key new style Granite keyboard with US layout
3 button newstyle granite mouse
20" Sony GDM20E21, SGI Granite

Sound:48 kHz analog input/output.

Network:10mbit, RJ45 connector

Case:Purple Indigo2 desktop enclosure

OS (current):Irix 6.2 & Irix 6.5.22m

Wanted:100mbit NIC. Either a Phobos G160 or a plain old 3Com 3c597 EISA
1Gb RAM :)


The machine was confirmed working before it was shipped to me unfortunately it wouldn't boot when it arrived. After moving the HI+I2VFI assembly one slot up and making sure they were seated securely the machine now boots. Yay me :)

It came with 2 disksleds for the 3.5" bays. The enclosure itself is in good condition but there's a bit of scratching here and there.
The upper front door protecting the 5.25" and top 3.5" bay is complete and the larger door has the IMPACT R10000 badge. I also got a set of vertical foot stands which I intend to use. It also came with an extra mouse an old style model with Granite color.

The initial 256Mb RAM is fitted as 8x32Mb leaving 4 slots vacant.

With the machine I also got an SGI original 1.6" 4.3Gb Quantum drive. I promptly replaced that with the Seagate Barracuda 36ES2 that I had in my Indy.

I've aquired 8x64Mb RAM from an old PC server. The machine now has 8x64Mb + 4x32Mb for a whopping total of 640 Mb RAM.


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