Technical specifications



CPU:MIPS R4600PC, 133Mhz (IP22)
RAM:256 Mb

IO system:Single SCSI channel
Storage:Quantum Viking, 9Gb

Console:102-key DK keyboard
3 button logitech wheelmouse
20" Sony GDM20E21 monitor, SGI Granite finish

Sound:48 kHz input/output. 1 digital I/O port.

Network: 10mbit, RJ45 and AUI connector

Case:Blue desktop enclosure

OS (current):Irix 5.3

Wanted: R5000SC/180 CPU


The IBM hd is actually a wide-scsi disk, it's fitted with an UW to narrow converter.

The keyboard and mouse uses the standard PS/2 protocol. This particular keyboard is old-style SGI with granite finish. The mouse is of the beige variant and looks exactly the same as my Personal Iris mouse.

This machine uses ordinary 72-pin parity ram. SIMMs with gold connectors is preferred but not mandatory.
The SIMMs are fitted in 8 banks and 4 at a time. This machine has all banks filled (8 x 8 Mb).

The Indy is a nice machine if you want to work with sound. It's got 1 digital input/output, 1 line-in, 1 line-out, 1 microphone in and 1 speaker out port. Also if you get a DAT tapestreamer with the right firmware (SGI specific I'm afraid) you can record and playback audio-dat tapes with your Indy!

I made a good trade and got the 36LP in exchange, so the Indy now has a kick-ass disk as well. It's quite a bit faster compared to the old UltraStar 2ES which was only a 5400rpm disk.

I just bought a new Seagate Barracuda 36ES2 and it's amazing how silent it runs. Unfortunately the PSU fan quickly picks up speed and with the current room temperature it soon turns into quite a roar :(

The IBM 36LP was reassigned to my VAXstation 4000.

The Indy is now hooked up to my KVM switchbox, only gfx goes directly to the 13W3 plug on the monitor.

The keyboard fucks up badly with my KVM switch :( - As soon as I switch away from the Indy the keyboard becomes unuseable on the other machines connected.

I finally got a 128Mb kit so the Indy now has 160Mb RAM. The kit came from an old Fujitsu Teamserver and it still has a 128Mb kit left which I'll get when the server is decommissioned for good :)

This Indy now runs Irix 5.3 since the Indigo R3K is really too slow to use as a buildhost.

I've exchanged the 32Mb kit for the 128Mb kit that got leftover after upgrading the Indigo2. The machine now has the maxium 256Mb RAM.


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