Technical specifications


CPU:AMD K6-2, 500 Mhz
RAM:256 Mb

IO system:Builtin dual-channel UDMA33 capable IDE controller
Storage:Seagate Barracuda 7200.7, 80Gb
JLMS 166S 16x DVD-ROM drive
Liteon 52x CDRW drive

Graphics:Matrox Millenium G200, 8Mb SGRAM
Console:102 key keyboard with DK keymap
2 button generic mouse
17" Compaq S700

Sound:Soundblaster 16 PnP ISA
Network:3Com 3c905-TX, 10/100mbit
Case:Logic ??? Midi-ATX tower

OS (current):Windows XP



In spring 2004 I gave this machine an overhaul and it's now a WindowsXP workstation for my sister.

The overhaul consisted of more ram (96->256Mb) and a new disk, a Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 80Gb, which replaces the old IBM Deskstar GXP60 40Gb. I also aquired a used 17" Compaq S700 monitor to replace a 15" ICL ErgoPro VE15C. Additionally I added a JLMS-166S DVD-ROM drive and a 52X Liteon CDRW drive.

The result is an okay WindowsXP workstation. The biggest problem is that it's pretty noisy since a K6-2/500 is a bitch to cool.

Also it turned out that the BIOS couldn't cope with an 80Gb disk and would just hang itself. Luckily the Seagate can have it's capacity adjusted using SeaTools. After limiting the capacity to just around 65Gb the BIOS was happy.

Well this page wasn't updated in a very long time. Since I wrote the below the machine was reconfigured and used as a file server for awhile.
Currently it's only used as an extra machine for testing hardware.

This is my main work-machine. It was recently upgraded from 300 to 500 mhz CPU

I put in a new gfx card (Geforce2MX) and it made a hell of a difference, I can actually play the latest games quite comfortably now. Definitely one of the best upgrades I made in quite a while.


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