Technical specifications


Model:N1200 - NeXTstation Turbo Color

CPU:Motorola 68040, 33Mhz
RAM:48 Mb

IO system:Single SCSI-1 channel
Storage:Seagate ST1480, 406Mb

Graphics:16 bit, 4096 simultaneous colors shown
Console:84 key NeXT non-ADB keyboard with UK layout
2 button NeXT non-ADB mouse
17" NeXT color monitor (fimi)

Sound:44 kHz input/output.

Network:10mbit, RJ45 and BNC connector

Case:black "pizza" box (slab)

OS (current):NeXTstep 3.0

Wanted:NeXTstep 3.3 or OpenStep 4.2
Bigger disk


This is a complete system, so I also have the N2000 NeXT Laserprinter to go with it.

Since this is a NeXTstation it has a soundbox. The soundbox is connected to the NeXT via a split in the monitor cable. On the soundbox are connectors for the keyboard, a microphone, line-out Left, line-out Right and a minijack for speakers/headphones .

The machine came with 2 x 8 Mb RAM, but I managed to steal 32 Mb RAM (2 x 16Mb) from a Win98 box, so it now has 48Mb of RAM :)
It should be possible to put 4 x 32 Mb in the machine to get 128 Mb, but 48 Mb is fine for now.
Also extra RAM is easy to find as the NeXT takes standard 72 pin FPM RAM at 60-70ns. I don't think it'll work with EDO sticks though.

This machine is rapidly becoming my favorit old workstation in the collection!

Newsflash... the NeXT is a nice machine but the Indigo is my new favorit :)

The PSU gave a loud pop and let the magic smoke out. Until I can get another PSU the NeXTstation is out of commission :(


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