Technical specifications



CPU: MIPS R10000SC, 195Mhz (IP30)
RAM:192 Mb

IO system:Dual Ultra-Wide SCSI channels
Storage:IBM 36LZX, 18.2 Gb

Console:New style (small) SGI granite keyboard with DK keymap
3 button SGI granite mouse
20" Sony GDM20D11 monitor, SGI granite

Sound:48 kHz input/output. Phono in/out, digital in/out (phono & optical).
Octane granite speakers.

Network:100mbit, RJ45 connector

Case:Green 'vacuum cleaner' enclosure

OS (current):IRIX 6.5.19m

Wanted: MXE GFX or better
Dual R14K/500 cpu module.... Well I can always dream :)
Octane Personal Video Option


I was real lucky to get this machine and it was very cheap too... :)

It's a great machine, really fast to work with and when I get a decent disk for it it'll be even nicer.

With the new 10k rpm IBM disk this machine just rocks.

I've switched the monitors around to get better use of them so the Octane now has the GDM20D11 instead of the GDM20E21 that it came with.

The PSU gave up the ghost so I'm currently without a functioning Octane.


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