Technical specifications


Model:Performa 6320
CPU:PPC603e, 113Mhz
RAM:2x32 Mb

IO system:Builtin IDE controller
Builtin NCR53c9x SCSI controller
Storage:Seagate ST32122A IDE, 2GB

Graphics:Builtin gfx (valkyriefb)
Console:102 key keyboard with DK keymap
1 button mouse
15" ICL ErgoPro VE15C

Network:Asante LC PDS NIC, 10mbit
Case:Performa desktop enclosure

OS (current):MacOS 7.5.5 & YDL 3.0



According to all sources this Mac is a hunk of junk and is on the all time worst Macs top 10 list :)

Getting Linux to run on this machine is a bit of a challenge since no distributions supports it.
I wrote a small HOWTO document which is available here.


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