Technical specifications


Model:VAXstation 3100/M30

RAM:20 Mb

IO system:
Dual channel SCSI (2xNCR5380)
DEC RZ23, 104 Mb

Graphics:Built-in mono framebuffer and VS40X 8 bit framebuffer expansion
Console:Digital VT520 serial terminal

Network:10mbit, BNC and AUI connector

Case:BA42-A, desktop enclosure

OS (current):NetBSD-1.4.1
OS options:(Open)VMS

Wanted:A new disk or two would be nice.


This VAX has 2 RAM boards, one 4/8 Mb original DEC with 4 Mb onboard, and one 12 Mb DataRAM board. Together with the 4Mb RAM that's always present on the motherboard of VAXstation 3100 M3x/M4x machines this gives 20Mb.

The SCSI subsystem is based on the NCR5380 chip and this machine has the SCSI/SCSI controllerboard (alternatives are SCSI/MFM or MFM/MFM).

The native console of this machine would be a LK201 or LK401 keyboard, VSXXX-GA mouse and a 19" DEC VR299 monitor.
NetBSD doesn't support the color-framebuffer, so I have to use a serial console.
This is too bad since I have both keyboards, mice and monitors available for it.
Someday I'll get around to installing OpenVMS on these puppies then I can atleast use them as X-terminals.

This machine is used mostly to play with Linux/vax and NetBSD snapshots.

I'm now running my 3 main VAXstations with the VT520 since it can handle all 3 at the same time.


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