Technical specifications


Model:VAXstation 3100/M38
RAM:24 Mb

IO system:Dual channel SCSI (2xNCR5380)
Storage:Quantum LPS270S, 250 Mb
RZ23, 104 Mb
RX23A, 1.44 Mb floppy drive

Graphics:Built-in mono framebuffer and VS40X 8 bit framebuffer expansion
Console:Digital VT520 serial terminal

Network:10mbit, BNC and AUI connector

Case:BA42-A, desktop enclosure

OS (current):NetBSD-1.4.2 and NetBSD-1.4V(devel)
OS options:(Open)VMS

Wanted:Nothing - This box is full to the brim.


This VAX has 2 RAM boards, one 4/8 Mb original DEC with 8 Mb onboard, and one 12 Mb DataRAM board. Together with the 4Mb RAM that's always present on the motherboard of VAXstation 3100 machines this gives 24Mb.

The SCSI subsystem is based on the NCR5380 chip and this machine has the SCSI/SCSI controllerboard (alternatives are MFM/SCSI or MFM/MFM).

The RX23A looks like an ordinary MFM floppy drive but with an MFM/SCSI converter board strapped on so it can be hooked up to the SCSI chain.

The native console of this machine would be a LK201 or LK401 keyboard, VSXXX-GA mouse and a 19" DEC VR299 monitor. But since NetBSD doesn't support the color-framebuffer I use a serial console.

NetBSD runs quite well on this machine, especially after DMA support was added for the SCSI controller. I can know get about 1 Mb/s from the disks which is very nice.

I'm now running my 3 main VAXstations with the VT520 since it can handle all 3 at the same time.


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