Technical specifications

Hostname: tamesis

Model:VAXstation 4000/M60

RAM:24 Mb

IO system:Single channel SCSI
Storage:IBM 36LP, 9GB, 7200rpm

Graphics:LCG framebuffer
Console:Digital VT520 serial terminal

Network:10mbit, BNC and AUI connector

Case:BA46-A, desktop enclosure

OS (current): NetBSD-1.5.1
OS options:

Wanted:More RAM!
A mounting bracket for an internal 5.25" device (like a CDROM drive)


This VAX is fast, it's more than 3 times faster than the VAXstation 3100/M30.

The RAM is fitted as SIMM sticks. There is 6 sockets and this VAX has SIMMs in 4 of them. The SIMMs are 80 pin ECC ram (DEC modelno. MS44-xx), and hard to come by :(

The LCG framebuffer has this funny 3W3 (not 13W3, 3W3!) connector and uses sync-on-green.

NetBSD has support for the NCR53C94 SCSI chip in this VAX and it runs very well (fast :))

This machine previously had a bunch of RZ5x disks, they've been replaced by a single internal 9.1gb IBM disk. This was a huge improvement since it's a lot faster and makes a lot less noise :)

I'm now running my 3 main VAXstations with the VT520 since it can handle all 3 at the same time.


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