Technical specifications


Model:VAXstation 4000/M90

RAM:80 Mb

IO system:Single channel SCSI
Storage:Seagate ST3600, 500Mb

Graphics:LCSPX framebuffer
Console:Digital VT520 serial terminal
LK 401 keyboard with Danish layout
VSXXX hockey puck mouse
19" Samsung Syncmaster SL900+ monitor

Network:10mbit, BNC and AUI connector

Case:BA46-A, desktop enclosure

OS (current):OpenVMS 7.2
OS options:

Wanted:A mounting bracket for an internal 5.25" device (like a CDROM drive)


This VAX is fast, it's about 3 times faster than the VAXstation 4000/M60.

The RAM is fitted as SIMM sticks. There is 8 sockets and this VAX has SIMMs in all of them. There's a 16Mb kit and a 64Mb kit installed totalling a whopping 80Mb :)

The LCSPX is a 2D accelerated 8 plane framebuffer. It has a 3W3 connector and uses sync-on-green.

Both NetBSD & OpenBSD has support for the NCR53C94 SCSI chip in this VAX and it runs very well (fast :))

This VAX will be hooked up to the VT520 along with a couple of other VAX machines. But I also plan on connecting it to a monitor and keyboard+mouse for running OpenVMS.

I added a LK401 keyboard, VSXXX hockey puck mouse and hooked it up the BNC connectors on my 19" Samsung monitor (shared with the Indigo).

So I finally got the machine installed. I started by adding and old Seagate ST3600 harddrive to install OpenVMS on. It runs surprisingly well and I was quite impressed with the speed of Netscape 3 under DECwindows.

Later I've aquired a 9Gb Quantum Viking drive which I've installed NetBSD 2.0_BETA on. Since NetBSD now has support for both LCG and LCSPX framebuffers I'm hoping to avoid the serial console entirely.

I had to steal away the 9gb drive for my Indy.


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