JupiterRPMS – The addon repository for RHEL and CentOS

JupiterRPMS is a collection of addon packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS.

The repository builds upon EPEL which may need to be enabled to resolve dependencies.

JupiterRPMS may contain packages that replace vendor supported packages though the aim is to keep them to a minimum. Such packages may appear in the main repository (jrpms) but generally upgrades to core components and/or less tested packages will be in the JupiterRPMS+ (jrpmsplus) repository.

To get started with JupiterRPMS and JupiterRPMS+ grab the jrpms-release package from here:

CentOS 3 – i386

CentOS 3 – x86_64

CentOS 4 – i386

CentOS 4 – x86_64

CentOS 5 – i386

CentOS 5 – x86_64

CentOS 6 – i386

CentOS 6 – x86_64

CentOS 7 – i386

CentOS 7 – x86_64

You can browse the repos from here: